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About Us

The most precious gift a Parent can give their child apart from their Love and time is top quality education, an opportunity to explore the Genius in them.

For students appearing for ICSE, CBSE, ISC Board Exams, Samvit Tutorials provides the most ideal coaching platform built on the Knowledge, Teaching Passion and Principles of the founder Er. Prabhat Singh; a legacy of passion for result oriented teaching. Built on the values, Teaching Passion Samvit Tutorials is a Professionally Managed yet very passionately driven coaching class for ICSE, CBSE, ISC Board Exams. Samvit Tutorials is the Best Institute for training students to “understand the concepts” instead of just “Mugging- UP”. We help you Understand Better, Work Harder and most importantly, Helps and Guides you to Work Smarter.

When you know that the scores in the Board & Entrance Exams are career defining ones for your child, why do you risk their Career by sending them to some average coaching class? Visit our Centre of Excellence and see what Samvit Tutorials offers you compared to some average coaching class. Be Best Adviced, Collect our Prospectus from the Center & Secure you child’s brightest future.


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